Justin Timberlake vocal health

Justin Timberlake health: Pop star reveals music-related health injury – what is it?

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, 39, has made his mark on pop music, selling millions of records and gaining legions of loyal fans along the way. The pop icon’s commitment to music has taken its toll on his health, however, forcing him to pull out of touring.

Pop star was forced to pull out of touring due to bruised vocal cords

Justin Timberlake health: Pop star was forced to pull out of touring due to bruised vocal cords (Image: Getty Images )

Justin Timberlake first proved his pop star credentials as one of the two lead lead vocalists and youngest member of NSYNC, one of the best-selling boybands to come out of the 90s. While going at it alone has often proven to be an ill-fated move for ex-boyband members, Timberlake’s solo success defied the odds. Throughout his solo career, Timberlake has sold over 32 million albums and 56 million singles globally, making him one of the world’s best-selling music artists.

Justin’s vocal talent has at times been a double-edged sword, however.

In 2013, the pop star announced he would be postponing his December shows while he recovered from bruised vocal cords.

Opening about his condition at the time on Instagram, he said: “My vocal cords are healing but they are not back to normal yet.


What are the vocal cords?

The vocal cords are two bands of elastic muscle tissue.

They are located side by side in the voice box (larynx) just above the windpipe (trachea).

How can they become bruised?

As Harvard Health explains, like other tissues in the body, vocal cords can be strained and damaged. Vocal cords are also subject to infections, tumours and trauma.

“When you speak, the air you exhale from your lungs is forced through the closed vocal cords, explains the health site.