MTV Showcase


MTV’s Push seriesOpens in New Window allows rising talents to take the stage for audiences to get to know them on their journey. In 2019, this same discovery element was expanded to the MTV Push Live concert series — a partnership with Live Nation that gives bubbling artists the chance to showcase what they do best.

The shows kicked off mid-year, with MTV Push Live rocking Chelsea Music Hall in New York City in JuneOpens in New WindowJuly and AugustOpens in New Window, and October and NovemberOpens in New Window.

Now, to kick off a new year (and a new decade) in music, MTV & Live Nation Present: MTV Push Live with Island Records is due to hit the stage on February 13, 2020 featuring performances from Jac Ross, Kid Buu, and Kidd Kenn. Get to know them below, then grab tickets right hereOpens in New Window.

  • Jac Ross

    The deal: This self-described “faith dealer” also bills himself as “the voice for the people.” One quick listen reveals how: His booming howl recalls Otis Redding and his idol Sam Cooke, and he sounds just as comfortable bellowing into the mic as he does navigating a pianoOpens in New Window.

  • Kid Buu

    The deal: Though he came up under the name Humongous the God, Kid Buu is here now in all his Dragon Ball Z-inspired glory. This Florida-via-New Jersey rapper has linked up on track with MigosOpens in New Window, Ski Mask the Slump God, DJ KhaledOpens in New WindowBlac YoungstaOpens in New Window, and more — and oh yeah, he might also be a cloneOpens in New Window.

  • Kidd Kenn

    The deal: This teenage Chicago online sensation’s lyrics tend to flip heteronormative rap tropes on their heads. “It don’t bother me [to be introduced as gay], but I feel like it’s old now,” Kenn told The FaderOpens in New Window nearly a year ago. So let’s focus on the music. The booming bass on his latest song, “U 2 FunnyOpens in New Window,” could bore a hole to the center of the earth.

MTV Push Live hits Chelsea Music Hall on Thursday, February 13, 2020. Find tickets hereOpens in New Window.