Celine Dion documentary

On March 30th, 1968, Celine Marie Claudette Dion was born into a big family living in Charlemagne (A small town near Montreal).

Being the youngest of fourteen children and living in a small community, Celine faced poverty but her home was never short in happiness.

Having parents who were both musicians who owned a small club, Celine was always exposed to music and even started performing in front of the club’s guests when she was just five years old.

When the demo tape that Celine created was brought to the attention of Rene Angelil, he instantly knew something was special about her – and was there ever! Rene and Celine began working hard, making her first album ”La voix du bon Dieu” with Rene even mortgaging his home to pay for the funds of recording the album. After winning the 1982 Yamaha World Popular Song Festival and 1988 Eurovision song contest in Dublin, Ireland, she became internationally recognized and proceeded in making her breakthrough by recording the track for Disney’s “Beauty & the Best” movie. By then, Celine was winning over new fans from all over the world and enjoying star status as she won awards and went platinum.

In December 1994, she married her manager Rene in a Montreal church. She crossed language barriers around then as well, when her song “Think Twice” (From album “The Color Of My Love”) broke records in the UK (Which hadn’t been broken since the era of the Beatles) and her French music from “D’eux” was embraced by the British population.

Besides having a stellar voice, busy life filled with shoots, recording studios, live shows, TV and award appearances and her new marriage life, Celine also took time to use her fame to help causes close to her heart. After a close family member died from Cystic Fibrosis, Celine began to aid “Cystic Fibrosis Canada” as well as showing support for Breast Cancer awareness, Missing Children’s  causes (Such as in the case of Cedrika Provencher) and also creating her own non-profit organization The Celine Dion Foundation – which raked up to three million dollars during one event and another seventeen thousand during the “Ultimate Fan Experience” event in 2009. All of the events’ money goes to various charities- but mostly to places that give care to underprivileged sick children.

1999 was when Celine decided she needed to take a break and focus on taking care of her husband who was diagnosed with cancer and starting a  family. By 2001, She gave birth to her first child with Rene, naming him Charles. After this two-year hiatus, Celine exploded back into the music scene with a brand new album (A New Day Has Come), which garnered even more fans, a slew of various media appearances and the album itself charting number one in seventeen different countries!

2003 was a year that Celine signed onto something unique- She agreed to perform a specially created show in Nevada’s famed Coliseum “Caesars Palace” five times.

The shows were ninety minutes each and was seen by over 4,000 people a night! Though she was contracted to do it for three years, the arrangement lasted five years  and through it, Celine also released another new English album titled “A New Day” and then another much anticipated one called “1 fille and 4 types” (her first French  album in nearly five years!)

After releasing a live CD of “A New Day” Live in Las Vegas, Celine again showed her compassion and big heart when she collaborated with a famed baby photographer,  Anne Geddes, and created “The Miracle Project” in 2004. It’s goal was to show the bond between a mother and child through stunning photographs and touching songs such as “Beautiful Boy”. The album for it was released then, titled “The Miracle’, a CD/DVD collection.

The year after, Celine’s first authorized biography “Celine for Keeps” was published. It had her life story inside, including photos and many personal stories which author Jenna Glatzer obtained by interviewing the singer herself. After attending the 79th annual Academy Awards and giving a powerful tribute performance, Celine yet again released another French album called “D’elles” which worked around the theme of powerful women. As always, Celine’s work was well received and went 2x Platinum and reached number one in four countries.

Celine showed that she was definitely not one for rest, as she announced another world tour just after finishing in Vegas and releasing an English album named “Taking Chances”! It was an album much loved and though it was much more different than her other albums, it still was one of her most profiting ones to this day. It was full of collaborations with a wide array of artists (Ne-Yo, Chris Neil and Linda Perry). Celine released a deluxe five hour double  DVD to yet again celebrate her time in Vegas. It was the only DVD ever released to go diamond in Canada- showing that it was impossible to get sick of this singer and the undeniable talent that she possessed.

In 2008, Celine gave a powerful performance on The Plains of Abraham in Quebec City with several other French-based artists (such as Eric Lapointe and Claude Dubois) to commemorate the battle that took place there so long ago. It was such an amazing concert that it was filmed so that it could be relived over and over for all the fans.

Celine’s first world tour in nine years finally ended a year later after playing to 5 continents, 23 countries and 93 cities which counted for over 3 million fans!

 With such amazing statistics, it was no surprise that “Celine Through the eyes of the world” was created, a behind the stage look at her massive tour which was

shown in cinematic theatres everywhere. Afterwards in 2010, after the feature film was made into an extended DVD version, Celine and Rene’s family grew. She gave birth to two twin boys in Florida, naming them Nelson and Eddy. Straight after baptizing them, Celine returned to her grand Vegas spectacle. With a stunning state-of-the-art stage seating 4,300 fans, she played many of her hits old and new!

In 2012 she released a new French album titled “Sans Attendre” which went diamond in France and earned her three new awards. Just a year later, her long-awaited English album “Loved me back to Life” which went platinum in Canada and gold in the UK.

Celine constantly promoted her albums and music, making herself be heard and known. It’s hard not to listen to her soft melodies and catchy beats.

Though born into a small community with little money, Celine never gave up her dream and passion. With the help of her musical family to inspire her, and a voice that demanded to be heard and known even from a young age, Celine has become one of the world’s most loved singers. To this day, people young and old from all over the world know this songstress and the lyrics that have inspired generations- and certainly ones to come.